Company management

We hope to be a flexible, customer-driven partner with you. Delivering value through innovation and speed-to-market. Everything starts and ends, with quality. No matter the size of the project, it deserves the very best. We are willing to becoming an extension of our customers’ teams. An open and honest relationship. Although there are no shortcuts, we are continuing.

Yes, We have kept all the quality control files and record of our suppliers and updated them monthly.

Yes, we have kept all the quality control records and adequate files of each order.

Yes, we always keep records with customer complaints and attach importance to each feedback from customers.

Yes, we will following up the complaint from customer until it is resolved.

1.Once we were received a complaint, our team will contacting with customer as soon as possible to catch on the situation and notice our quality dept.  

2.The colleague from quality dept will analyze the sample which is we kept from the order.

3.We will provide the analysis report and solution to our customer.

4.In some case we will need the customer provide the failure model to help us find the cause.

5.We will following up the status of improved products and get feedback from customer.

Yes,we have the definite criteria. If a lot of failure due to the quality issue or other cause from us, we will resend the replacements for free.

Yes, we implement that. We will mark each product in order to insure we can tracked each batch.

We have 3 engineers in our lab and 5 inspectors in our production lines every day to guide our colleagues in the field.

Yes, we will control,maintain and calibrate equipment monthly and keep the records.

Yes, we are. Every order/package all passed out our quality control certification when they delivery.

Yes, we’re excited to help inspectors to complete the inspection work.

We will not provide defective products to customers, after all the problems in the shortest possible time to solve and then notify the inspector until all the products no problem. And we will take the initiative to assume tolls second test produced.

Yes, we implement the QA system, the inspectors have been trained.

Yes, we have. All products are bearing the EC, DIN conformance certificate.

Our QC dept. has 3 experienced engineers and 5 through the training of quality inspection personnel.

Yes,our QA System comes from the EN ISO90001:2015 standards.

Yes, the protection of the environment is incumbent on us, we strictly abide by the EN ISO140000 standard to establish a production environment for our employees to provide quality environment is what we have been trying to do.

1.Separate the non-conforming products.

2.Analyze the cause.

3.Resend the new replacements to customer.

4.Regarding the issues to update the products.

Analogue Time Switch: ≤2s/day, Per ties Eset≤±3mins, Max Eset≤±5mins

Digital Time Switch ≤ 2s/day; Eset≤±2s

Staircase Time Switch  (30s-20min) 30s±3s; 20min±150s

Service and order terms

The warranty period is 24 months from the goods leaving our warehouse. In warranty period, all of the defective products can returned to the factory to be repaired or be replaced.

For failures caused by using process, we will follow the manufacturing procedures to carry out thorough testing and analysis the cause; For the products which need to be replaced within the warranty period, LETOPCN will replace them with products which have the same specifications, and the replacing products have same rights as the original products.

The battery is not covered in the warranty; Do not repair failures caused by physical damage, improper operation, unauthorized changes to the product, or attempt to repair, lightning or other natural or man-made disasters.

We offer the free sample, you only need to pay the freight. One reference is up to 2 pcs, the total quantity is no more than 6 pcs. You can also place a sample order if you exceed the quantity.

We accept the small-batch trial order for the first order, the packaging will be: Laser printing; Labels and manuals put your logo by printers; White innerbox and universal cartons.

We offer affordable prices and customize service. You will get a the price discount based on quantity.

We set up a flexible MOQ to meet your needs.

MOQ is 500units, the packaging will be Laser printing; Labels and manuals put your logo by printers; White innerbox and universal cartons.

MOQ is 1,000units, we will be based on your artworks included the production of labels and inner box.

If need to develop products or improve product performance, the MOQ is 2,000units in the first order. Please submit your requirement to contact us.

Our standard payment term is 30% T/T deposit, 70% balance Before the shipment.

This depends on the products. The standard time products are delivered within 5-20 days. The delivery time of the special products is according to the time of completing the products.

Product setting and use

If there is any power fluctuation or low voltage, it is disconnecting power supply to Motors, Light etc. Very useful and tension free switch.

Yes, it can be used to automatically switch on/off one or more LED lights at a particular time without any manual intervention for as long as one desires.

In case power failure, its doing his working in background. Although no power to appliance, most of the timers have battery backup.

At the time of fixing “operation time”, Operation day should the weekday which you need. It comes above set time (06:00) in a row.

This is a cyclic timer . Once set for a week it will automatically cycle the program week after week. No other equipment is required to trigger the timer . It is a standalone device.

We suggest you connect load as per rating of MCB. Alternatively use contactor to be controlled by this timer which can then take the entire load.

You can use 1 channel timer to control one circuit at a time, if you want to  switching on off multiple geyser at a time please ensure the max load can be hold.

It works as per the clock. So for example you have set the timer for 5.00 am to 7.00 am . The timer will switch on at 5.00 am . Suppose there is a power cut from 6.00 am to 6.30am , the timer will stop at 6.00 am & resume from 6.30am & run up to 7am . Totally the timer will run for 1 hour & 30 minutes.

Yes the timer can be used. You can also set the 15 second pulse program for control the bell run time.

Yes, the timer switch can do this. What you have to do is that you operate one relay or contactor with this timer. After that connect that 2hp motor.

Yes, you can choose the timer with 20Amp so can be used. Make sure the fuses used in the pump are appropriate. If the pump is being operated only on a contactor, it is advisable to install a 12 – 15 Amp fuse online. Use this on the Control Circuit, if you are using 3 phase wiring.

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