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LETOP Hour meter and counter to monitor process parameters in complex control schemes. These products perfectly fit processes where measurement needs to be controlled or displayed. Used as machine control in smaller applications or as displays for specific parameters in larger, PLC-controlled equipment. The Hour meter and counter are the answer to your monitoring, measurement, and display needs.

Letop Hour Meter & Counter

LETOP Hour meters differ by power, display, shape and data. While there are many factors to consider, from panel profile to analogue or LCD, shock and vibration resistance to noiseless performance. No matter the terminal specification, the shape or configuration, we’re up to the minute on hour meter technology and applications.

Steps to Customize the Hour Meter & Counter

Collect Needs

Defining your product requirements and let’s talk about the feasibility. We’ll assess the feasibility of product development to meet your needs.

Feasibility Assessment

The production and development of your software, mechanics, electrical engineering, product design, and construction requirements.

R & D Testing

Over 30 perfect testing equipment in our internal R & D lab to ensure the best performance of the products, and more than 26 test items including the Product performance test.

Mass Production

Production with 100% final testing and controlling defective products within 2%-5%, that is we always insist on the two basic quality requirements.

Constant Improvement

Analysis and improve solutions will be provided based on your market,we will improve and develop the product according to your feedback and suggestions.

Featured Hour Meter & Counter

Hour Meter & Counter Manufacturer

Letop offers a wide range of hour meter & counter to operate the electric equipment as needed to on and off at specific times or time intervals. Automate your electrical devices easily with the Letop Hour Meter & Counter.


Up to 2022, we have established 16 production lines in our assembly department for assembling various hour meter & counter. Our products are not only selling well in the domestic market but also exported to more than 42 countries and regions like Europe, South East Asia, Japan, South America, etc.

Our Client Factory Tour

ALION provide customized time & light control services, change product to your own designed logo, labeling and packaging or develop new products, which are the process work we are already familiar with. Additionally to our standard time switch products, we offer custom made products according to your specifications – from idea generation to final serial production.

Hour Meter & Counter Manufacturer FAQ

From concept to shipping, letopcn provides high quality and fast shipping to ensure timely delivery.

It depends on the function of street light, some street lights just need the lighting and timer function, time switch can solve this problem. But in some municipal projects, street light system often needs to match a monitoring system, then it will need more components to achieve this function. If clients have some special requirements for your street light system, it often need to custom their own timer switches, you should consult your light time switch manufacturer.

In some municipal engineering projects, they not only need to control the street light remote, but also need to monitor the working condition of each street lamp. The whole automatic street light system includes several component, the time swicth is just only one of them. If you need some compalicated time swicth solution for street light, you need to contact your time switch supplier for further customization.

Yes, the astronomical time switch automatically turns ON/OFF at the preset longitude and latitude, time zone. You don’t need to adjust your timer to keep up with changing sunrise/sunset times.

Yes, the astronomical time switch automatically turns ON/OFF at the preset longitude and latitude, time zone. You don’t need to adjust your timer to keep up with changing sunrise/sunset times.

In most cases, the solar street light just supports light control. But it can be designed for light control or time control, it all depends on your needs. 

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