ALC18 Staircase Timer

ALC18 staircase timer from ALION is available in DIN rail. Its runtime is between 30 seconds and 20 minutes and fitted with electronic overload protection.

  • Countdown period: 30s~20m
  • 0~20m: +/- 150s
  • 0~30s: +/- 3s
  • Toggle switch for permanent light
  • External push switch control


  • Input with electronic overload protection
  • Connected glow lamp in parallel
  • Glow lamp load: 150mA Max

Product Selection

Voltage 230Vac
Frequency 50Hz
Switching capacity 16A

Maximum Recommended Load (10,000 operations)

Incandescent/halogen lamp load 230V Fluorescent lamp load (conventional) lead-lag circuit Fluorescent lamp load (conventional) parallel-corrected Energy saving lamps LED lamp < 2 W LED lamp 2–8 W LED lamp > 8 W
2300 W 2300 W 400 VA 42 μF 90 W 20 W 55 W 70 W

Technical Data

Fluorescent lamp load (electronic ballast) 350 W
1/2-way conductors Automatic
Switching output Potential-free and phase-independent
Housing and insulation material High-temperature resistant, self-extinguishing thermoplastic
Consumed power 4VA
Type of protection IP 20
Class of protection II according to EN 60 730-1
Permitted ambient temperature -10 ~ +50 °C (non-icing)
Test approval CE


ALC18 staircase timer fits for the particular use of the following tasks: staircase, corridor as well as the lobby, etc.

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