LETOPCN customer success team guarantees fast response times and a straightforward communication, we can react quickly on changing customer demands, are very flexible with regards to special needs and requirements. Our highly motivated and experienced colleagues are more than happy to assist you finding the proper solutions to your requirements.

Customer success

Reply in 24 hours and quote within 2 days

Proactive communication is the focus of our attention. When you contact us with your requires, our customer success team will contact you within 24 hours. You can get a well-prepared quotation in 2 working days.

Free market analysis to help you matched the product

Many years of experience gives us a clear grasp selling products in the field of various brands and regional situation. Experienced market experts will help you research the market in order to promote your products and market fit.

Continue improving your product according to market feedback

Continuously improve the products to exceed your competitors or maintain your leading position. Keep growth is the way we stand in an increasingly competitive market.

100% compensation and no need send back to repair

Being able to make this commitment comes from our confidence in quality -- 100% compensation and no need send back to repair. If an accident happens, we will first send replacements to help you recover sales in the shortest time.

Creating Time and light control solutions with you

Whether you want to develop new products or change technical specs to suit your market, you can rely on us. LETOPCN OEM product team was established in 1997 (OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer). We have been acquiring our skills, experience and relevant expertise for 22 years. Why not turn our experience to your advantage?

7 days

Definition of your product requirement, discuss the feasibility with us. Our customer success team will help you research similar products in the market, combine the development capabilities of the technical department in a quick and straight forward way. Whether you want to put your ideas into reality or make our existing products more in line with your market needs.

40 days

Develop new products or change the product technical specs to suit your needs. We have 20 years of experience in development and production of customer-specific solutions. We have own R&D team involves 3 experienced structural engineers, 2 software engineer and 2 circuit engineers, and our most of engineers have well-known state-owned enterprises or enterprises work experience.

7 days

Over 30 perfect testing equipment in our internal R&D lab to ensure the best performance of the products, and more than 26 test items including the Product performance test, Switch ageing test, Time accuracy test, The maximum load of lamp test, Temperature and humidity test, Battery life test and so on.

12 days

We have continuous quality assurance in line with ISO 9001: 2015 through standard system and process management. Production with 100% final testing and controlling defective products within 2%-5%, that is we always insist on the two basic quality requirements.Our technical team tracks the whole process.


Listening to the voice from customer and the market is important to us. When the product has entered your market, please response your feedback to us. Our OEM product team will provide analysis and improve solutions based on your market, after discussing with you to improve and develop the product according to your feedback and suggestions.
From design to market, we accompany you throughout the process.

From design to market, we accompany you throughout the process.

We become partners and take benefits together. The Development costs (R&D, molds, proofing) we will try to share with you. If the products developed are very good market prospects, we can even cover all expenses. We will also assist you to complete the certification of the products (CE in accordance to IEC:60730 and the certification required for different markets), and the product improvement in the later stage will be in our project.

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