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    Letop Light Time Switch

    You can replace any light switch in the house with a light timer switch to control any light in your home. Depending on the type of timer switch you choose, you can program it to automatically turn the lights on and off at least once a day. Letop Time Switch can make your home look like you’re staying at home when you’re out or home every day. You can use existing wires to connect your timer switch to your lights.

    Letop provides custom light time switches for over 800 projects worldwide. We can provide custom time switches for light to your specifications – from idea generation to final series production. 

    How the time switch works to control the light

    A lighting time switch is used to adjust the circuit to control the lights in your home. It improves energy efficiency and enables remote control of home lighting.

    Different time switches can realize different functions, such as week, cycle, pulse program, automatic switching of summer and winter time, automatic correction of time error, etc.

    Generally speaking, if the power of a lamp is less than 400W, it can be directly connected to your time switch. But if you need to control several lights, you will need to connect an AC contactor, or you may break your timer.

    Light Timer Switch FAQ

    There are three kinds of light time switches commonly used in household lighting: mechanical time switches, digital time switches and astronomical time switches. You can choose the appropriate one according to the functions you need.

    In general, CFLs and some other fluorescent lamps don’t do well with digital timers. LED bulbs may have issues with mechanical timers.

    Yes, if you forget to leave the light on, the light timer switch can’t turn it on.

    Unlike safety lights, lighting timers have no battery backup. If there is a power outage, the time switch will stop working. For mechanical time switches, you may need to reset.

    Actually, the whole automatic light system includes many components, and the time switch is only one of them. If you need some complex light control solutions, you need to contact your light contorl supplier for further customization.

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