Timer Switch for Signage

    Letop Timer Switch for Signage

    LETOP timer switch for signage is suitable for all purpose small load application max 2000 watts load like holding timer, garden lighting, compound lighting, path lighting, parking lighting, bus stop lighting and etc. it is featured with the rainproof cabinet which suitable for outdoor application. It provides a wide range of ON Time and OFF Time.

    Letop offers a variety of time switches for signage to turn sign boards on and off at specific times or intervals as needed. It works in any setting – industrial, residential or commercial. By installing a time switch, your home or business will become more energy efficient.

    Featured Timer Switch for Signage

    How the time switch works to control the Signage

    When you connect a timer switch to your signage, you can drastically reduce its energy consumption. This enables it to switch on and off at set times.

    Using a time switch for signage, pre-programmed functions can be performed within a week. The signage can be set to start working during working hours every day and automatically close during off-duty hours. It can also be set to start working in the evening and then automatically shut down in the early morning. You can set specific working hours for it according to your needs.

    Timer Switch for Signage FAQ

    The whole automatic signage display system includes several component, the time swicth is just only one of them. If you need some compalicated time swicth solution for signage, you need to contact your electrical supplier for further customization.

    Yes, the astronomical time switch automatically turns ON/OFF at the preset longitude and latitude, time zone. You don’t need to adjust your timer to keep up with changing sunrise/sunset times.

    If there is any power fluctuation or low voltage, it is disconnecting power supply to Motors, Light etc. Very useful and tension free switch.

    You can use 1 channel timer to control one circuit at a time, if you want to  switching on off multiple geyser at a time please ensure the max load can be hold.

    Yes the timer can be used. You can also set the 15 second pulse program for control the bell run time.

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